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Team Project by Yier Cao, Yinuo Jing, Xuefei Ma

AI-Driven Landlord-Oriented platform where

lease making and property management

are easy and legally reliable.



Toronto's vacant home tax is hiked to 3% as Council votes


Toronto deems a total of 17,400 vacant, meaning their owners had to pay the tax.

Why does the property ownerswould rather pay vacancy taxthan rent their properties out?

We interviewed with three professional property managers and agents.

Top 4 Pain Points of Landlord

Credit reports can be fabricated.

Property damages and compensation

Concerns about the legitimacy of clauses.

Untimely rental payments

How can we betterprotect the rights of the landlordsto encourage them to rent properties outto increae rent supply and decrease rent price?


Feature 1

Progress Tracker

  • A clear map of what has been done and what is to be done

  • Quick and organzied access to relevant information like lease documents and credit report


Feature 2

AI Lease Generator

  • By chatting with AI Assistant, the landlord can DIY their lease

  • There are options of commonly-added clauses, and there is also the option to customize


Feature 3

Lease Customize

  • Landlords can type in their requirements in their own words.

  • AI  will evaluate the clause from the aspects of legitimacy, formality and clarity.

  • AI will give revision suggestions. On one click, your clause is tweaked.


Feature 4

Document Verification

  • When the landlord gets documents like credit report, bank statements, they can use this feature to evaluate the credibility of the documents.

  • The landlord will get understandable scores and suggestions.


Feature 5

Property Management

  • This is a feature to facilitate tenants' requests like maintenance and replacement. This helps them communicate and may serve as evidence if needed for court later.

Next Step

Older Adult Mode

Of the owners of properties,

74.2% are Canadians aged 55 and older.


New features shall be designed to help the older adults rent out and manage their properties,

Legalization Documents

Based on the Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board's Practice Direction on Evidence, all evidence should be in a special format.

New features shall be designed to export the records in the website as evidence for legal case and court.

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