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Dec 2022

Dancing Pavilion

Dancing Pavilion

is a VR narrative adopting the metaphor of a dancing doll in a music box,

depicting a girl's innocent and beautiful dream of becoming a dancer,

being brainwashed and tempted into the institution,

ending up a victim to male gaze and patriarchal power.


In September 2022, Du Yingzhe, a male instructor at an art institution,

was accused of sexually harassing and raping over 100 young girls

studying at the institution in the name of providing better education.

Dream Starts in Dancing Utopia

Pressure from Exam and Society,

Brainwashed, Confused, Pushed

Lost in Maze of Advertisements And So-Called Instructors

No Way Out

Male Gaze And Patriarchal Control

Am I Just A Doll?

Who Am I?

3D Modeling & Scene Building

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Asset 1.png

I build the 3D assets in Autodesk Fushion 360.

The thread of this narrative is the pavilion,

is a metaphor to a cage,

constructed by pressure and oppressions from patriarchal society.

Beautiful as the cage can look like,

what is trapped inside is the brilliant life of a girl.

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The project is built in Unity.

VR Technology

By using VR,

the viewer not only gets deeply immersed by being embodied into the girl,

but also is enabled to interact with the narrative,

taking the subjectivity in the storytelling.

By hovering over the object or arriving at a certain place,

the viewer can trigger new setup and animation,

the change of environmental elements,

such as skybox colour, music and sound effects.

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