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Yier Cao

I am an IMAGINATOR with the passion for interdisciplinary research and design. Coming from an Interactive Media Arts background, I have been exposed to a wide range of digital art technologies and techniques, including creative coding, physical computing, VR, digital fabrication and film production, which fosters strong creative thinking, practical skills and a collaborative spirit. In the past, I have been focusing on the expression of my personal artistic ideas, but now I want to develop my design thinking and skills with a user-centered approach, which is why I am furthering my studies in User Experience Design.

As an INFJ and a Leo, I have inherent empathy and leadership skills, which gives me strong communication and project management skills, so I'm always willing to take the lead in teamwork. I always look for value and meaning in my work, so I have a strong desire for my work to truly benefit human society.

I have studied in diverse cultures, from China to New York to Abu Dhabi and now in Toronto. I have developed a multicultural and multidisciplinary perspective, which I believe provides a constant source of motivation and inspiration for my work and life.

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